Saturday, March 07, 2009

In the market for a new camera

A few months ago, I learned that my camera no longer had the strength, or possible had a slipping belt or other mechanical problem, to zoom in. In holding the zoom down, I would here it try but not get anywhere. Last week, the camera would not turn on without being plugged in. Three screws in the base were loose and I lost two but was able to tighten the third. There is one yellow always-on pixel on the viewscreen.

It was a great camera when I got it and I will try a new battery to get some functionality out of it but the camera is about seven years old - it came out just as digitals were taking off. People laughed when they heard I bought a huge four megapixels camera. "Kwandongbrian [in fact, this was well before I had hear of blogs], are you going to make posters? Why do you want 4 megapixels?"

Anyway, I am now looking at either the Nikon Coolpix p5100 or the Sony Cybershot DSC-T500.

The Sony has a great video feature - possibly the best in it's class. But, it uses touchscreen and some large fingered people have trouble with it. Even for regular-fingered people, you have to look at the screen rather than through it at your subject.
The Nikon uses wheels that you can learn the positions so you can click-click-click and get to the setting you want. The video function is not as good and it is a bigger camera, but I suspect it is better for stills.

Comments or suggestions for a camera that is under 400,000 won and easily portable?


Masuro said...

Nikon makes great DSLRs but are not so well respected for their compact cameras. I might go for Canon or Sony is I was going to buy a compact.

kwandongbrian said...

At Danawa, A Korean electronics, um, aggregator or compiling site, I see the SONY, all up, is around 430,000 won.

Thanks for the tip. I do like the Sony, but I always found my current Sony's viewscreen being overwhelmed in the sun. If it can match bright sun, then it is sucking on the battery pretty hard.

Masuro said...

Most viewfinders don't do so well in the sun, even the expensive ones. After taking a photo, I turn my back to the sun so the viewfinder is in the shade of my body.

Roboseyo said...

I'm a big fan of the coolpix p5100 I bought a little under a year ago: it does everything I want it to, and more stuff that I don't yet know how to capitalize upon. I recommend it. It's bigger, but it fits in the hand really nicely because of that thingy on the side, which probably makes it easier to hold steady, and moreover, which makes it FEEL better than one of those credit-card shaped cameras, which doesn't fell like a camera to me at all.

I bought it by looking around a camera shop and picking up cameras, and writing down the models of the cameras which felt good. Then, when I looked them up online, the websites I visited told me the Nikon p5100 is one of the best reviewed/most powerful point and clicks out there.

Not that I'm an expert, but those are my two bits.

PAKA said...

go to the gangneung emart the olympus waterproof camera is on sale for W223,000. i got it a month ago for W279,000.

Ben said...

I own one of those touch screen Sony's. Its pretty good! Alot of good functions. You know , the problem with sony cameras is that you need to use a SONY memory card.

BUT i bought the sony touch screen that comes with 4 gigs internal memory and i never have to worry about filling it up. You can take thousand of pictures highquality before its full. Not sure if thats the same camera you wanted to buy.

If the sony you wanted to buy doesnt have good internal memory you might as weel get a Canon. Canon point and shoots are really good.

Sony cameras are good but abit pricey if you end up having to buy extra memory cards and anythign else sony leaves out. Reason i went with the sony was the 4 gig internal memory + good features.

kwandongbrian said...

Thanks a lot, guys.

It sounds like either choice will be a good one. I also now have to think about this waterproof one. The El Camino Packer knows how much I love swimming. I need to look into it.

Dan said...

I love my Casio Exilim 10.1 M pixel. Huge LCD, excellent outdoor and flash shots, not so great low light motion (though I don't know if any of the point and shoots are better).

Additionally, I think that the video is really good.

PAKA said...

you can take a look at the camera. i'll bring it this week.